My Stumpf Fiddle

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At right is a picture of my fiddle, slightly modified from the original Fiddle Factory issue.

Its original bicyle bell (which never worked quite well) was replaced with a rotating contraption that lets you do fancy rhythms and annoy the heck out of everyone! ;-)

Note that the horn was, at that time, also busted.

And to the left, the new and improved version, tricked it out for my gig with The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable in Atlanta, GA…

  • The standard bell was replaced with a reverse-mounted cowbell.
  • The bicycle horn was swapped out for a shiny, new, looped neck version
  • And the woodblock was removed and retrofitted with an official symphonic block — mounted with industrial Velcro!

Your Stumpf Fiddles

Brett, in PA writes:

"My mom was in the Reading Pa. area BOOMBADEERS. I was cleaning out her house and found her boomba and 2 accordians. The boomba looks like your 'stumpf fiddle' They used to play at Polish and Pa. Dutch weddings and just for fun at the Lyons Fiddle Fest. Really scares the cats!""

"I did a little more searching and found my Moms red vest 'uniform' and patch. It seems the Happy Boombadears are ancient and well in Allentown, Pa. and actually still play, they have 2 dates yet this year.
I believe they also have some crossover with the Allentown Hobo Band."

From fellow stumpfer Jeremy, in Bellingham WA:

"My name is Jeremy. I own a small instrument shop in Bellingham WA. Also, I am the new proud owner of my late Grandpa's Stumpf fiddle. It's been around the block (since my Dad was a kid (I'm 30 he's 55)), but it still Stumpfs and it still fiddles. So, I'll be playing it 'till it stops doing both. I named it Bob after my Grandpa. This instruments has had three generations beat on it. It's loud and old and makes no appologies for either."

From Tom, who has created a fine, hand-made instrument:

"I have my stumpf about 90% completed - finally. Found that Permatex silicone sealant (auto industry) is working quite well so far… This is my model '401K' which is my plan 'C' for retirement. Hope things are going well for you."

Two photos from Shalene…

One of Shalenes "favorite things," and most definitely one of the most interesting stumpfs I've ever come across!

Anybody know anything about this one?

From April, a flea market bargain:

Hi. I just bought a rather quirky item at a flea market early this morning. From what I can tell, it kinda reminds me of a stumpf fiddle... only geared more towards a child's toy version of one. From what I can tell, it looks to be made about 1950s… It says on it, "Beat Stick" and it's made by the company "Noble & Cooley." I couldn't find much online in specific about it though. It's missing the horn blower part but, other than that, it looks to be in good shape. I bought it for $10 and afterwards, I had a lot of people coming up to me at the flea market wondering what it was. I even had a guy there offer me $50 for it but I declined.

Got any pix? Send them along and I'll post 'em!