Where to buy a stumpf fiddle

Sadly, The original Fiddle Factory has closed. But don't let that deter you! There are still plenty of Stumpf Fiddles out there, both new and used…

Note: StumpfFiddle.net is not affiliated with any of these merchants and we make no money from referrals.

Grandpa's Stumpf Fiddles
Grandpa makes his original stumpf fiddles out of the highest quality materials No two fiddles are the same! Stumpf fiddles can be ordered with special requests (such as carrying straps, beer kegs, horns).

Jingling Johnny Percussion
A stumpf by any other name would still play as sweet! More history, pics, videos and some interesting hand-made stumpfs to buy. They've also got parts!

The Party Fiddle Factory
Party Fiddle Factory's Stump Fiddles are crafted from the highest quality materials and assembled by hand in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

Ebay and craigslist
You'll probably find used stumpf fiddles for sale about once a month or so on ebay, and occasionally on craigslist. It's always worth keeping an eye out for a bargain.

Other Stumpf Fiddle Resources

The Conertina and Stumf Fiddle Appreciation Page
An excellent stumpf fiddle resource, and about the only other one we found. Surely there must be more?

Wikipedia's pogo cello page
Conflicting history on what we know as a true stumpf fiddle, but worth the read.

How to make your own
Kinda sorta, but definitely a good place to generate some ideas.

The Stumpf Fiddle Polka - part1 and part 2
by Jerry Kramarczyk. I haven't played it yet. If anyone cares to give it a go, send me an mp3!

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